What is Pkorders?

Pkorders is a multi-vendor and quality-based e-commerce platform and online store in Pakistan. An empowering way for thousands of sellers(vendors) to connect with millions of buyers (customers). Pkorders provides immediate and easy access to millions of products in more than 100 categories and delivers its packages to all corners of the country with amazing discounted prices. Pkorders is a marketplace and a community for its customers. It is also a school for entrepreneurs so they can learn e-commerce operations and build a shop at Pkorders.

What kind of shops can you get at  Pkorders?

As Pkorders is a multi-vendor platform, therefore, it has 100+ categories. So,  you can build a shop at Pkorders for all kinds of products as per your choice and change your life.

Build a shop and Get Benefits

We care for both our vendors and customers as our mandate for customers is good quality at the lowest price. On the other hand, we also care for our vendors and try to give them their best sales with many benefits. providing its vendors monthly subscription-based unlimited sales without any commission or percentage. Pkorders is offering a monthly subscription to its vendors for 1500 rupees only.

Benefits of monthly subscription for vendors.

  • Pkorders provides its vendors social media marketing.
  • Free assistance for New learner vendors.
  • No commission or percentage charge on sales.
  • Guaranteed high sale rates.
  • Unlimited sales of only 1500 rupees with no other charges.
  • Pkorders also provides many other benefits to its vendors.

Build a shop 

You can build all most all niche shops at Pkorders like latest things, everyday thing’s like, smartphones, clothing, fashion accessories,  home appliances, beauty products, shoes, perfumes, foods, drinks, computing, TVs, grocery, frozen foods, dairy products, jewelry,  watches, bags, digital goods, Stationery & Craft, etc. 

Change your life 

You can change your life by building a shop at Pkorders because it provides you a platform that can make you an expert and successful online seller by getting all the services and benefits. An online or virtual shop doesn’t need any physical outlet for your business. That is the biggest benefit of an online shop and can save your rent of thousands of rupees. There are many other benefits of an online shop that have been given below.

Benefits of an online shop

1. Establish an Online Presence 

Over 80% of the online people have utilized the Internet to buy their desired products therefore Your clients anticipate your online presence, and this presence permits you to stay aware of the opposition. Something else, your crowd will rush toward your rivals to make an online buy. 

2. Attract New Customers 

As an entrepreneur, you need to develop your business and draw in new crowds. Actual retail depends on marking and client connections, however, online retail has the additional advantage of driving traffic from the web or internet. On the off chance that a client is doing a quest for photograph altering programming, for example, they might arrive at your organization although they’ve never known about you. 

3 . Save money on Operational Costs 

Running an online business store can set aside your cash. How? By building an online shop and an online administration framework, you can computerize stock administration and lessen the expenses related to it. Likewise, running an internet business store doesn’t accompany similar overhead expenses as an actual store such as store rent, storekeeping staff, etc, 

4 . Better Understand Your Customers 

It’s hard to build customers when running a physical store. But in an online shop or store, You can find out about who your clients are, however it depends on your discernment as opposed to real information. With a web-based business store, you can follow your clients’ purchasing propensities. What items would they say they are generally intrigued by? When are they liable to purchase? What persuades them? The entirety of this data can be utilized to sell all the more productively to your clients. 

5. Remain Open All the Time 

In the online Store, timings are presently all day, every day/365. Internet business sites can run constantly. According to the dealer’s perspective, this builds the number of orders they get. According to the client’s perspective, a “consistently open” store has more advantages.